Visit Cancun, Mexico, in Style

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3There is so much to do when in Cancun on a vacation in Mexico, that it would be nearly impossible to list them all in this blog. But, of course, there are a few items of particular interest that easily top the list of things that one can do for fun when in this gorgeous Mexican coastal city. From strolling on the pristine and white, sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean, to getting a facial in a five-star, world class day spa. All the way to surfing, boating and yachting.


When you are not busy on the beach, enjoy shopping at thousands of stores that can not be found anywhere else. When the sun sets, grab dinner a signature restaurant and then head out to one of many exclusive night clubs to dance the sun away. Come the morning the next day, check out the historic and ancient Mayan Ruins. And when the day comes to an end, it’s time to do it all over again the next day.


And it seems clearly obvious – a vacation in Mexico, in Cancun, at a fine Mexican resort is both affordable and will provide you with a lifetime of happy memories to look back on, yet without going broke in the process.


Top Three Reasons to Swim with the Dolphins in Los Cabos, Mexico

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2Have you ever gone swimming with the dolphins? If you were to pick a place to do so, your first choice should be beautiful and serene, Los Cabos, Mexico—where an affordable, destination vacation in Mexico awaits you. Happy memories are easily created and a lifetime event that you will not soon forget awaits you in Los Cabos, which plays host to some of the best Mexican resorts in the country.


Top Three Reasons to Swim with the Dolphins in Los Cabos

  1. The pristine and crystal clear and blue waters of the Pacific Ocean welcome you into their warm environment. After spending the night in a fine Mexican resort, you can truly let yourself and your worries go, and swim with the fantastic and friendly creatures of the seas.
  2. A vacation unlike any other you have ever experienced beckons you to come and take part in Los Cabos. Aside from swimming with the dolphins, you can enjoy hundreds of other activities, shopping, restaurants, night clubs and much more in Los Cabos.
  3. Affordability is the theme here: you will not spend more money than you have to, in order to enjoy a vacation in Mexico that you will remember fondly forever.

Your Checklist of Amenities for Mexican Resorts

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1If a vacation in Mexico is on your to-do list for getting away from it all this year, congratulations, you have chosen one of the most amenity-rich and affordable places to take a vacation to. The reality is, that of all the vacation hotspots that you could choose to travel to, not many can compare with the rich history and cultural offerings, not to mention the numerous coastal cities that Mexican plays host to. And when considering the current state of the economy—where consumers are traveling less and less, and are not spending nearly as much money as they have in prior years—a vacation in Mexico just makes sense financially.


Checklist of Expected Amenities at Fine Mexican Resorts

There are some things that should be on your checklist when considering fine Mexican resorts to lodge in during your vacation in Mexico. Due to the many Mexican resorts that line the Pacific Ocean, you can easily find ones that meet the requirements of this list, which are as follows.

Transportation to and from the airport

Babysitting services

Trip planning services

Activity center

Restaurants onsite

In-room safe

High thread count sheets

Internet access
All-inclusive rates (packages that include meals and drinks)

Private sections of beach



Day Spa

Golf Course

Tennis Courts

Have you Enjoyed a Vacation on the Mexican Rivera!

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2If you have not ever been down to one of the exotic coastal destination vacation spots on the Mexican Rivera, such as Acapulco, La Jolla De Cortes, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta or Riviera Mayo, then you are truly missing out my friends.The fine country of Mexico happens to boast some of the most lavish and exotic places in the world to be found, decadent and gorgeous, serene coastal cities that have much to offer in many different respects. Nowhere else in the known world can you enjoy walking on more miles of white, sandy beaches, or bathing in the clearest and bluest waters you will ever see.


Of the many reasons to take a vacation on the Mexican Rivera, a few notable ones come immediately to mind. For one, the best Mexican resorts offer lavish accommodations that are amenity-rich, with things like golf courses and day spas attached, and they will not cost you nearly as much as resort in another tropical destination.


In truth, even when staying at the finest accommodations in Mexico, you can actually still not go broke in the process. Another reason is because no other place has the nightlife like the coastal cities in Mexico do, nor do they offer the historic Mayan and Aztec ruins, or the hundreds of unique boutique stores and authentic restaurants.


Combine this with a the waterside activities galore, and the many other things that you can do while enjoying a cheap Mexico vacation and you have the most certain recipe for the best vacation you could ever go on, and for cheap too!

If You have not Been on Vacation to the Mexican Rivera, You have not Been on a Real Vacation!

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3376067410Of all the different places around the world that one can choose to vacation in, none offer as many exotic locations as can be found in the Mexican Rivera. This unique, coastal, destination tropical paradise has much to offer the vacation protagonist. Nowhere else in the world will you be able to find more miles of pristine beach, or crystal clear and clean blue waters that are warm most times of the year. The truth be told, if you have not had the distinct pleasure of staying in a signature, destination Mexican resort, then you truly have not experienced a real vacation at all.


Imagine yourself sitting in a five-star room, decadent with high thread count sheets, lavish accommodation including a mini-bar, patio and all the amenities, like a coffee maker, hair dyer and so forth. Then walking down to the private stretch of beach that is closed off just for patrons of the resort, where you can enjoy dipping your feet in the water and watching the sun set on the Pacific Ocean. In reality, most people think that such an amazing getaway will really drain their wallets dry. However, in reality, a Mexico vacation like this can be had for a lot less money than you could ever truly imagine.